Why Alcohol Blocks Us From Hearing The Voice Of God And Receiving Divine Guidance

destinyIn November 2014, I did a 7-day cleanse because I decided to stop drinking. I wanted to eliminate all the toxins from my body in preparation for this life changing decision. Intuitively, I had been feeling compelled to stop, but wasn’t quite ready for that drastic elimination of “spirits.” Besides, I enjoyed a little Pinot Noir every now and again especially with my pasta.

Regardless of that pleasure, there was an incessant, nagging voice pleading for me to do away with drinking alcohol, to the point that when I ignored it, I’d still feel guilty for having a drink.

Well, I finally got tired of the guilt fest. I had made up my mind! It wasn’t a New Year resolution and it wasn’t pre-planned. I just decided to stop because I knew my guidance was coming from the voice of God telling me what I needed to do in order to reach the next level of my destiny. The decision to stop drinking was not about me. It was much bigger than me. It was about the elimination of anything that is not conducive to my purpose. I had finally accepted that fact.

About the fourth day into my detox, things started to change. I experienced a higher level of clarity in my thought process. My problem solving skills had become impeccable. New opportunities started to come very fast! My intuition got stronger and I started to trust it a lot more. By the 7th day, I was more creative and most importantly, I started to hear the voice of God a lot clearer. Today, I feel more grounded, centered and more comfortable in my own skin. And I’ve got the eye of the tiger like never before!

Sure, I’ve had moments when I wanted to have some wine, but I resisted the urge, and now I don’t have the desire at all. To be honest, at this point, it’s simply not worth the risk of losing this incredible clarity I’ve gained.

Through this experience here’s what I’ve learned – alcohol blocks us from hearing the voice of God and from receiving divine guidance.

When you are on a path striving for greatness, you’ve got to be available to receive direction from the divine in order to stay on track. You’ve got to be readily open to hear your instructions.

Alcohol blurs your vision, it fogs the mind and it fatigues the body. You can’t hear the spirit of God knocking at your door when you’ve got the spirits of alcohol blocking the doorway.

I am not here to preach nor am I trying to convince you. There is nothing wrong with having a drink every now and then, but if you are on a mission – whatever that mission may be – alcohol can’t be part of the plan. It will derail you, causing you to lose momentum on your journey.

It’s no coincidence that another term for alcohol is “spirits”. It’s like an entity takes over your body, changing your personality. Whether you become silly, angry or emotional – you’re not truly yourself under the influence. Some say it relaxes them, but the truth is that it temporarily numbs them from dealing with whatever uncomfortable situation they are experiencing. Even days after drinking, the remnants of alcohol still lingers within your system. That’s why most people experience what they describe as “foggy.” How can you accomplish anything under foggy conditions?

When the spirits of alcohol is in your system, it disconnects you from hearing the spirit of divine intelligence.

When I thought about the champions of this world that I admire and emulate, I realized they all had this one thing in common – they don’t drink alcohol.

This realization was a turning point for me and I hope my epiphany gives you another perspective that will help you on your life’s journey as well. All the best!

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