Is Coaching Right for You?

My coaching services will work beautifully for self-motivated individuals. I say this because the journey in which we embark will require you to be accountable and to take responsibility for your own personal growth. Like cultivating a garden, it’s important that you are committed to the process of your transformation.

Free Consultation

If you would like to determine if my coaching style is in alignment with your vision and goals, you may contact me for a free consultation. During this time I will do a brief analysis of your personal and spiritual needs.

Free Consultant

Let’s Connect

All consultations and coaching sessions are conducted on Skype.

21-Day Empowerment Package

You are unique, so I will personalize your program according to the kind of transformation you are seeking to achieve. However, the intention of my coaching style is to break through the blockage that negative self-talk has created in your life. After our initial consultation, I will create a custom program tailored and designed to your specific personal and spiritual needs.

You are free to schedule your 21 sixty-minute sessions accordingly, however one session per week is highly recommended. Think of it as a course curriculum, you should attend class one day each week for sixty-minutes.

The 21-day empowerment package is an intensive and effective coaching program:

  • Build Self-Esteem
  • Separate Worth from the Externals
  • Recognize and Replace Self-Defeating Thoughts
  • Reprogram Negative Self-Talk
  • Create the Habit of Core-Affirming Thoughts
  • Foster Unconditional Self-Worth and Love
  • Extract the Good Opinions of Others
  • Cultivate Body Appreciation
  • Love the Face in the Mirror
  • Understand the Language of Love
  • Heal the Core-Self
  • Regard your Core-Worth
  • Assess your Emotional Literacy
  • Learn the Basics of Meditation
  • Separate Negative/Positive Self-Image
  • Master the Law of Attraction

21-Day Empowerment Package fee: $1500

This package includes unlimited email support as needed between sessions, recordings of each session and an email from me outlining homework and action plans before our next session.

Free Consultant

Single Sessions

I offer single sessions for those who need a sounding board, direction or specific help. Single sessions are sixty-minutes and includes a recording of our session and a customized mini self-pace program that you can practice independently after our coaching session together.

Single Session Fee: $125

Free Consultant

I look forward to connecting with you…or better yet…witnessing your transformation!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do.”Helen Keller