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Author, speaker and empowerment coach, Reisha Baker is a next-generation thought leader. She is a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an expert with over 10 years of experience in the science of positive communication.

Reisha always knew that words held a phenomenal power. She believes positive words not only has the ability to transform the mind, but that they are magical things energized with the ability to create.

The strategies described in her upcoming book “PowerTalk” are leading edge methods for unleashing optimum human potential for creating a desired life by simply choosing one positive word at a time.

Open Letter from Reisha:

Hi Friend,

First off, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I would love to personally share a little bit about my journey with you, if you’re not too busy. Warning…it’s not the average fairy tale, but here goes. Once upon a time, I was born on a small Island off the coast of South America called Trinidad and Tobago. When I was about five-years-old, I moved to the United States with my mother and four other siblings. By the way, I have two older brothers and two older sisters – I’m the youngest of the bunch. Anyway, we moved to New Jersey and that is where I grew up, It’s also where I get my awesome Jersey Shore accent. Although, I had siblings, I grew up feeling like an only child because there was such a big age gap between us. The second youngest and I are 13 years apart! 
I was a curious, risk-taking, ambitious and very intuitive kid. Being that I had no other kids in my household to play with, I did a lot of thinking. At a young age I recognized the power of words and developed the habit of positive self-talk in front of the mirror (what prompted me to do this in the first place? I have no idea…I like to think it was a guardian angel). Back then I was too young to understand that I had stumbled upon a real and viable tactic for manifesting. All I knew was that when I talked about the things I wanted, it came true. Needless to say, I thought I had superpowers. I’d like to still think that is true today!
So from that young age, I knew that it was my mission to impact lives in a positive way through words. I always had a hunch that I needed to discover and explain what was behind that magic in the words I’d say to myself in the mirror. How was it possible that I was creating situations and bringing into my experience things that was not there before. I noticed the connection and knew that this power was real and thought that I was the only one who had this gift. 
So fast forward to teenage years. I was still manifesting and yes I was that annoying girl that was always happy. This power and connection kept me absolutely, positively happy all the time for no reason at all. It didn’t matter what happened around me, how people treated me, I just had a sense of undeniable joy and optimism – all the time! In my heart, I knew it was because of my connection to something divine. But not in a religious sense, more in a intuitive and emotional sense (if that makes sense). 
Then one day I lost it. I lost my connection to this power somewhere between the age of 24-25, and it took me some years to get it back. Let me tell you what happened. So, I told you that I had a fascination with words, right? Well, when I was about 8 years old, I decided that I really wanted to become an anchor woman and follow in the footsteps of Oprah (I love Oprah). Therefore, I was determined and never wavered in my decision to pursue that dream. Until…
Fast forward some years, now I’m in college and I’m about to graduate, and I am finally working in a national and prestigious newsroom. Oh man…I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! Negative news (words) had become my world. Trauma, war, deaths, drama, bombing, massacres…I just couldn’t. Being around that constant stream of negativity was not in alignment with my spirit, and by the time I decided to leave, my spirit was damaged. Leaving the newsroom was one of the most difficult decisions of my life because I had worked so hard to get there in the first place only to realize that it was not where I wanted to be – at all!
Then it got worst. The most devastating experience of my life was when I looked in the mirror and couldn’t feel a connection to my spirit – it was hollow. I had lost my best friend. At that point my self-esteem had plummeted because I had lost myself along with my ability to create. For the first time in my life, I felt so lost, out of control and everything was going wrong. It was really scary for me. I became very negative, I woke up with a heavy stream of negative thoughts rambling through my mind and so it would continue for the entire day until I fell asleep again. I was sad all the time, I cried all the time. And the worst part is I couldn’t really talk to anyone because I didn’t think they would understand. 
My turning point came when I began dating this guy. He seemed trust worthy so I confided in him about how I had the ability to create; and told him all about the magic; and my connection with GOD; and about being constantly joyful; and that one day I looked in the mirror and saw that the magic had disappeared. He listened intently and then told me that there was something I needed to see. He popped in a video that I had never heard about called “The Secret.” 
I was blown away because the video was exactly about the magic I had experienced in my life! I couldn’t believe that others knew about this magic and that it had a name – the Law of Attraction. Shortly after, I was introduced to a YouTube video of Abraham speaking through Esther Hicks at a seminar, which inspired me to read their books and attend their seminar as well. Before long, similar books started falling off the shelves, so to speak, and I read every single one. Your girl was back! 
The best part of my transformation was finding out that this power was available to EVERYONE. It was the most comforting piece of knowledge that I could have come across during that time in my life because it gave me direction on how to get back to that girl I use to be, but this time I would be even stronger, happier and a more powerful creator. 
So, in a nutshell, this is what led to my transformation. When I say Universe it’s my way of referring to that which most people call God. With that being said, let me continue. I quickly realized that in order for me to live the joyous life that I’m destined to experience on this earth, I needed to get in alignment with the Universe. 
What that means is this; everything is a powerful and harmonious symphony of energy vibrations. Have you ever walked into a room and knew something was wrong because of the vibe? Well, that’s because vibrations are invisible to the naked eye, but is indeed real because we can feel it. We are all made up of vibrational energy and so is everything else in the Universe. Therefore, since we are direct extensions of the Universe (God), we have the power to create. So our direct relationship with the Universe is communicated through our vibration. And check this out…our vibrations are activated by our emotions. 
So, if you are a predominantly negative person, then you will often feel negative emotions, which means you will produce negative vibrations. And since the Universe is not bias, it will sense your negative vibes, and take that as a signal that you want to create. Therefore, it will send you situations, people and circumstances that is in alignment with your negative vibe. Now, as I mentioned, the Universe is not bias so the same thing applies to people who are predominantly positive. If you think positive thoughts, then you will feel positive emotions, as a result you will produce positive vibrations and when the Universe receives your vibrational signal it will send you situations, people and circumstances that are in alignment with your positive vibes. 
As a kid, I was in complete alignment with the Universe and didn’t even know it! After discovering this knowledge, I am so much more powerful than I had ever been. Most importantly, It helped me pave the right path to my purpose. Like I said, I always knew that my purpose was to use words to help people, and I couldn’t have discovered my new path without losing myself first. 
I got rid of all the negative chatter invading my mind by choosing one positive word at a time. I spoke positively about everything until it became true. It worked for me, it can work for anyone. We all have access to this divine power because it is our birth-rite. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly creating and literally designing our own world. Whether we like our life or not, the truth is…we created it. 
My friend, what I’m trying to tell you is that you can transform your life from where you currently are in life by choosing more positive words. I promise that if you do, those positive words will become positive thoughts, which will become positive emotions, which will turn into positive vibrations and the Universe will give you all the wonderful desires of your heart that’s in alignment with your steady stream of positivity. It’s pure magic!
So here I am…I know I’ve talked your head off, but thank you for reading…
Oh yea! And that guy I was dating…I married him 😉
Now tell me something about you!