3 Steps to Creating a Powerful Vision Board

Vision Board photoVision Boards are fun! It’s a great way to express your creativity and most importantly it serves as a wonderful aid in helping you hone your manifesting skills.

There are so many ways to go about tapping into the power of the Universe; however, creating a vision board is one way that seems to be very effective for a lot of people. Just as writing helps to clarify all the ideas in the mind, cutting and pasting images that portray your personal visions work just as well.

Since imagination is a big part of harnessing the power to create, vision boards invoke the kind of emotional response necessary to attract desired things. The longer your emotions are in a positive vibrational flow – the better your results will be.

The biggest and most counterproductive misconception about vision boards is that you’re supposed to put a great deal of focus it. While creating a vision board is a positive process, the act itself is not enough to initiate change.

As I have discussed in previous articles, the subconscious mind is way more powerful than the conscious mind. When you create a vision board, you are consciously communicating with your subconscious mind and sending a command for it to find ways to become harmonious with the things you want in life.

As human beings, one of our five senses happens to be incredibly sensitive because it is connected to our nervous system. In other words, our vision triggers emotional responses. Our emotional response to the vision board is the secret ingredient to manifesting the things we put on it. Get it?

The emotional response to a vision board should be a positive experience, and if you hold on to that emotion, it will send out a consistent vibrational frequency that will begin attracting all the things you desire and more. In order to keep that positive emotional response going you must imagine that you are already living the life you want before you even get it.

All it takes is just one time. So make the effort to meditate and focus on the board, then let it be. Then place the board somewhere in your home where it can remain in your peripheral vision, but don’t focus on it anymore. Just allow the positive stream of energy that it induced within you to remain steady.

Now that you understand how it works, here are the supplies you will need to create your vision board:

  • Poster Board (I personally use a 20 x 30 matte finish, but you can use any size you want. You can find poster boards almost anywhere office supplies are sold.)
  • An assortment of magazines (Get a variety according to your interests. Some good categories are Nature, Homes, Cars, Parenting, Vacations, Spirituality, Relationships and Money.)
  • Glue, clear tape and scissors (I like to use clear tape because I take the pictures off to write on the back after I manifest it. Use the scissors to trim your images to perfection.)

3 Steps to Creating a Powerful Vision Board:

  1. Have lots of fun with this process. Look through the magazines and pull out pictures, words and headlines that pique your interest. Place it in piles of its respective category. Remember, don’t think too much; just allow yourself to find what makes you happy.
  1. Let your intuition take over. Go through all the images that you selected and begin eliminating images that no longer feel right. Now, with the remaining images, use your creativity to assemble the images to design your vision board however you wish. Feel free to splash some paint and colored markers on there as well.
  1. Once your vision board is completed, spend 15 minutes looking at it and imagine that you are already living a life full of everything you posted upon your board. Allow yourself to experience the wonderful feeling it produces within you. Then, place your vision board somewhere that you will be able to see it in your peripheral vision at least once a day.

I encourage you to peel the images off your vision board as they begin to manifest (that is why I use clear tape instead of glue) and on the back, write down the date and time you received it. Also, write a short story of how it came to be, and place it in your box. At the end of one year go through your box – you will be amazed!

Here you can listen to an interview I did with a woman who created a vision board that transformed her whole life.

A Real Life Story

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